So WotC officially commented on ‘The Hero’s Path’ today and how it will roughly work. I’m still saying it’s horde magic (see my Theros posts) but to my knowledge horde was created by some random guy looking to play a different way and not actually WotC, so they might be hesitant to call it horde format…yet? It did take them over a decade before they renamed EDH to Commander and made it their own brand, I’ll explain how WotC dances round the fact that its horde but never actually refers to it by name further down.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH @ September 21/22 @ The Pre-Release Event.

Okay what I can distil down to facts are as follows. When you attend the pre-release event you will have to choose a colour aligned hero’s path seed-pack. Each pack has a high ratio of the chosen colour over the other 4. Inside each pack is a specific ‘Hero’ card (also shown in my previous posts), these cards however are actually not for use during this event, and are to be put aside for use at a later date. It has been confirmed that apart from the seed packs, you will also acquire a unique hero card during each of the 9 Theros hero’s path events (so that should be a total of 14 different hero cards by the blocks end if I understand the way they have explained it?).

Also like with the guild packs that were at the RTR events each seed pack will have a promo release foil that can be used during your deck construction for that day. You will also get the hero’s path quest sheet inside the pack, these will give you little missions that must be carried out between your event matches in order for you to complete path-1 and receive your second hero card.

To summarize the contents (based on the info so far):

  1. 5 x Theros booster-packs
  2. 1 x Colour specific Booster-pack
  3. 1 x Colour aligned release promo (that can be used during the event)
  4. 1 x Colour aligned ‘Hero’ card (Avenger, Hunter, Philosopher, Protector, Warrior)
  5. 1 x Hero’s ‘path-1′ sheet.
  6. A code for an achievement on planeswalkerpoints.com

GIFTS FROM THE GODS @ September 27/28/29 @ The Release Event.

This is where it gets interesting. The “in-store” portion of the path-2 was in fact the attending the FNM that I predicted, from what I can see WotC wants to start including the FNM between the pre-release and actual release event as part of the release weekend.

Okay so the details are a little vague when it gets to this point. Basically there will be a “puzzle-poster” (or posters) hung around the FNM and release events. Within the images on these posters are some sort of cryptic clue that you have to fathom an answer so that you can receive your next hero card to add to the ones you currently have. At this point and from everything I have seen on Theros all I can think of is there will be some sort of star constellation that you will have to link to a certain god, and that god will be the one that will bestow your next hero ‘power’ card? There is no other info at this point on any special event packs so I’m guessing it will be Theros 6-sealed.

FACE THE HYDRA @ October 19/20 @ The Theros Game Day.

Format is Standard (type-2) tournament, with an additional side event; the Hydra-challenge-deck. This will be the first of 3 Boss-fights that will happen in the third event for every set in the Theros block (each game day). I’m going to quote straight from WotC here to save time.

“The way you play against the Face the Hydra Challenge Deck is unique—you take your Standard deck and shuffle up, then the Hydra follows a predetermined sequence of casting cards from its shuffled deck and blasting you for damage. The goal is to eliminate all of the Hydra heads before it eats you. But, of course… when you cut one head down, sometimes more regenerate, which can make this a difficult challenge indeed!”

So basically, it’s horde magic, I linked to a serious fun article in an older post that explains the rules and gives you a decklist for a zombie flavoured Innistrad horde. I was thinking the other day how would the head cutting of the Hydra work? I think in this instance either there will be specific ‘head’ tokens that have an ability to put another 2-heads into play or there will be some rule saying each head reveals another head token on death? I’m already excited as I’ve actually enjoyed horde for the last couple of years and its good to know that if its possible to grab a hydra challenge deck after the event I can play at home for fun.

” You can run the Hydra against a friend, or a group of you and your friends can face it together, at a variety of difficulty levels. This is the game-play format where your Hero Cards act as buffs you start the game with, and choosing which ones work best against the Hydra’s abilities and with your own deck is a fun problem in and of itself”

So from this statement it looks like you might get a deck for attending the event or it might only be top-8 style get it like in the image of some sort of goody bag at PAX? But I guess that’s what Ebay is for. So on the day you will be playing with your standard deck, most standard players are packing some serious heat in that department any ways, but it sounds like you will have a limit on your ‘hero’ cards that can be used while facing the hydra, which although I can see why (THE Avenger, THE Warrior etc.) I also find it strange they would give you so many if you can’t just use them all?

We’re still about 8 weeks away from actually getting to see and play the set, but with anything new I know there will definitely be spoilers and more explanations so that people can get their heads around the hero and challenge decks. I’ll be posting anything as soon as I see it. I did actually hear that this set will be a “enchantments-matter” set, which I’m not sad to hear and it fits with the god boosting flavour of the mythos. With the change to the legend rule now in effect I would even hazard a guess that some of these enchant-auras may actually be legendary themselves, as from what I remember a divine boon was for people who proved themselves worthy or fulfilled a quest which makes that unique by definition.

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4 thoughts on “Losing our heads at the THEROS events

    • Foils date back to an early set in MTG history (Stronghold I believe?) at less frequent amounts. But nowadays there is definitely foil versions of every card printed in sets, as well as foil promo cards for special events with alternate art which can be highly sought after.

    • I don’t think any set is better or worse for certain colours all are quite well balanced before releasing. A strong rare might through the balance off every now and again but other deck will evolve to equal it out again. Its all down to play style at the end of the day and what each player enjoys doing within the game, in green I like big creatures with splashy effects so look to “mana-ramp” to basically cast an expensive creature early into the game when it will have more impact, where other people may want to play an overrun style deck with loads of small creatures and then pump them up with tricks last second.

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